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Product Code : AM22mmGT

$1.30 per round

Say hello to the best brass money can buy.

Using proprietary technology, Alpha has created a cartridge case that is stronger, more consistent and last astoundingly longer then the brass of yesteryear. 

Truly innovative. Our test pieces of brass have over 25 firings on them and have tight pockets. 

Our reason for offering 22GT brass is due to several factors. To start with, we love the .224 caliber. I have spent many hours collecting data on the short action .224 offerings and, to be blunt, this was the most astounding. 

Br recoil

Wide nodes

No special magazines required

Drop that beats a 6 creed

Life expectancy of 2500+ rounds (not guaranteed, but all my barrels have far exceeded this)

Wind deflection that is unmatched until you reach long action magnum offerings. 

In fact, a 22 GT with a 90 Atip has a scant 30 foot lbs of energy less then a factory 143 eld out of a creedmoor at a mile. 

Its the year of the tiger. And this thing rips. 

Sammi load data coming soon.

Determined at checkout.