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FLINT WEAPON SYSTEMS Spark rifle system

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The best. 

When a discerning marksman wants gear only the best will suffice. We approached this rifle with that in mind. No it is not cheap. It is the best. There are plenty of affordable rifles. Only one can be called the best. How can i make that claim? 

Ive tried them all. As an outfitter and competitive marksman for 20 years and the advent of r700 clone actions range finders, the use of tripods, and shape shift of the modern rifle stock, I have been exposed to nearly everything in existence between my time on the range and afield. 

Based off these things we truly think this offering brings something to the table no one has presented before. 

It starts with the newly released FALKOR DEFENSE MT7. They took the qualities in the 7EVEN action and put it on a diet without dipping into the well of titanium.  These actions will outlive us all, unlike the issues with titanium with lug setback and headspace creep. That is without even mentioning the galling that comes with wear and makes them as rough as a civil war carbine. 

With a light weight rifle the input fro. The shooter is multiplied in comparison to a match weight rifle. This said, a BIX & ANDY TACSPORT trigger has the nod in the dependable category but the added benefit of a soft backwall allows more forgiveness in regards to follow through during lock time. We often forget that vibration/sound travels at over 18k fps through steel, thus causing any input into the rifle during lock time to travel up and down the barrel 3x before the bullet leaves the HAWKINS TANK ST break at the end of the barrel. With true port fliw efficiency design it allows maximum recoil reduction without any rear facing ports, keeping muzzle blast to the shooter as low as possible. Self timing so that it is removable for a suppressor and still retain its timing for reinstall or put on another rifle if the caliber matches the port size or smaller. 

Benchmark barrels has worked their magic in a unrelenting effort to make the best barrel. Period. 18 new patents were filed in regards to their carbon layup process for minimized shot stringing. 

It all lays 1 of 3 options

-XLR ELEMENT 4.0 MAGNESIUM  chassis. Space age materials for the unforgiving hills.


Ultralight with traditional/tactical ergonomics


A micarta/g10 stock with arca rail and Hawkins precision bottom metal

Rugged ridge bipod for providing the best in stability in steep changing environments. If thats not enough, clamp into the TWOVETS KIT TRIPOD with the arca rail on the chassis and have absolutely unlimited combinations of stable positions. 

Hawkins direct rings round out the package, with tolerances surpassing every competitors ultra light offerings and including the new, left side bubble level to keep your face on the gun. 

Cradled in these rings lies several options. From the rugged and light 25 oz RT-25 from BURRIS OPTICS TO THE 3-15 TANGENT THETA,  there are a myriad of options to get your bullets on target. 

Determined at checkout.